my story

My academic and career path has been a winding road. I studied photography and interior architecture and learned graphic design in an architecture internship which became a passion and my chosen career path. I have been working as a graphic designer and marketing consultant, both on my own, in agencies and in-house, for almost 10 years, helping clients large and small, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to independent entrepreneurs and local businesses.

Throughout this path, I have realized that my gift is in being creative but also that I’m able to communicate and work well with others. I’m sort of the bridge between a starving artist and a corporate project manager. In marketing and design fields, the roles are often separate. There is a “designer” (who focuses on the visuals), a “writer” (who focuses on the words), an “account manager” (who takes care of the client), and a “project manager” (who brings it all together and makes sure it all gets done). Because of my background and experience, I am a holistic blend of them all. I can see every perspective and regardless of my role on a project, I am always aware of each contribute piece of the brand puzzle.

I am now so passionate about working on my own to support brands and companies utilizing all the skills and expertise I’ve developed over time.