LLOYD YOUNG | designer | strategist | girl

As a self-taught graphic designer I am driven by passion and curiosity. While graphic design wasn't initially my intended career, I’ve happily landed here on a path that began as a political science student who graduated with a photography degree from The Evergreen State College. After a stint as a photographer in Richmond and New York, I attended graduate school for interior architecture. It was during an internship that I had an “aha moment”.  While I do love communicating through physical environments (I rearrange my house monthly), it is communication on a whole different scale that truly motivates me. I began to think about how I can influence intellectual environments. At that moment branding and design became my new language and I speak it everyday. Being “fluent” in the languages of photography and physical space further improves my fluency in graphic design.

Once I identified my new chosen path, I started building my skill, taking all the on-line tutorials and buying too many books. I branded my friends' start-ups for free while also teaching full-time. After a year of independent study, I decided to pursue more design work, started LLoydisagirlsname, and quit my teaching job.

I've worked with Fortune 500 companies by way of The Mom Complex and The Martin Agency and I've built local brands such as, FeastRVA and TEDxRVA. Every client has enriched my use of design as a language and every job has contributed to the theory and advancement of my skill.

LLoydisagirlsname was founded by Lloyd Young in 2012 in Richmond, VA.