you’re whalecome

I have had a lifelong obsession with whales. I first learned about them while flipping through my family’s set of encyclopedias (pre-Google life) and being absolutely amazed at their size, mystery and just general awesome-ness. Over the years, I have collected thousands of facts and gone on many whale watching trips. It took me way too long to realize that I could start a company all about whales as a designer. In 2017, I started a small gift shop and blog with my brother and sister that gives back to marine conservation. Subscribe to our mailing list and get a whale fact every week, illustrated by me!



Logos are all about identity and representation. The idea that a picture is worth a thousand words has always inspired me and logos are a creative exercise in creating big, universal ideas with the fewest parts. I started the Logo per Day project in 2014 as a way to develop and flex my Adobe Illustrator skills while creating fun identities for my thoughts and feelings each day.