lloyd + girl =

I am a self-taught, self-motivated, self-managed designer and marketing consultant extraordinaire and for those that might be confused by my name, I’m a girl. I’m passionate about helping others communicate well through branding and marketing.

me and pacs.jpg


I partner with my clients to create and manage expectations, timelines, scope of work and all necessary elements for a project to run smooth and to be as seamless for my clients as possible.

Here are some ways I can help:

  • Branding and Logo Design & Development

  • Marketing Consulting

  • Creative Project Management


My approach

I work with my clients in a variety of ways based on their marketing and design needs. I believe in utilizing the tools that are best for my clients, whether it’s design, marketing or beyond.

  • Holistic Approach

  • Customization

  • Interdisciplinary

  • Proactive


My passion for design allows me to explore all things that inspire me.